About Us

This is a scholarly podcast about scholarly provocateurs. Gadflies, charlatans, and shitposters sometimes get tenure, believe it or not. This is a leftist podcast that takes a second look at their peer-reviewed work, and tries to see if there’s anything we might learn from arguing with them. If you want to learn more about why we are doing this, consider starting with our first episode.


Gordon Katic


Katic is an award-winning radio producer and journalist with a background in health, science, and climate reporting. When he’s not making this podcast, he is hosting Darts and Letters, as well as working on a PhD at the University of Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education focussing on theorizing a critical theory of science communication

Victor Bruzzone


Bruzzone is a PhD candidate in Political Theory at the University of Toronto, where he studies democratic theory. He also holds degrees in philosophy and urban planning. His work has appeared in places like Jacobin, Areo, and Marion West. He is also the co-host of the PlasticPills podcast, and a frequent contributor to Give Them an Argument with Ben Burgis

Matt McManus


McManus is a Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Michigan. He is the author of the The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism and A How to Guide to Cosmopolitan Socialism among other books. Matt also is a frequent contributor to Jacobin magazine, Current Affairs and other outlets. 

Mouthy Infidel


Ethan Xavier (AKA “Mouthy Infidel”) is the host of a YouTube channel called “the Dissent Channel”, and the author of a Substack by the same name. He has has appeared on popular podcasts such as Give Them an Argument with Ben Burgis, as well as PlasticPills . He holds no degrees, and mostly just enjoys arguing about politics and philosophy on the internet.