EP1: Are We the Academic Edgelords?

This is a scholarly podcast about scholarly provocateurs. Gadflies, charlatans, and shitposters sometimes get tenure, believe it or not. This is a leftist podcast that takes a second look at their peer-reviewed work, and tries to see if there’s anything we might learn from arguing with them. We are hosted by: Victor Bruzzone, Gordon Katic, Matt McManus, and Ethan Xavier (AKA “Mouthy Infidel”).

Usually, we talk about a peer-reviewed book or article. On this first episode, we go meta. We discuss why we are doing this, and whether we should be doing this at all. We also briefly discuss Nathan J. Robinson’s book on debating the right, and specifically the critical review that called him a “leftist debate bro.”

How far can debate get us? Does engaging with odious ideas actually make us the academic edgelords?

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