EP3: 5 Years or 5 Lashes? (On Moskos’ & Brennan’s Defense of Flogging)

If you were offered the choice of a brief-but-brutal whipping or an extended stay in prison, which would you take? Probably the former. Is that an argument for flogging?

Most people consider the idea of state-sanctioned flogging to be barbaric. Sure, Singapore does it, but they are known for authoritarian laws. Yet, Peter Moskos and Jason Brennan argue that flogging is actually more humane than the existing prison system. Today, we debate the ideas of two lash-wielding edgelords

Moskos is a cop-turned sociologist who wrote the book In Defense of Flogging (2013). We also reviewed a shorter article summarizing his views. Additionally, edgelord philosopher Jason Brennan wrote a chapter in defence of corporal punishment in Rethinking Punishment in the Era of Mass Incarceration (2017). You can also find Victor’s article, mentioned at the beginning of this episode, here.

Note: Matt had to bail on this recording but he was flogged for his absence.

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